Château de Poyanne

Coming from Mugron, you will see the château on your right. Go into the park and up to the gate. This château is a testimonial to the power of the Baylenx family.
Its construction began in 1624. Admire its façade, complete with trompe-l’oeil windows, chimney stacks and a lantern light rising 30 metres in the air. With its four storeys, including one at garden level, it measures 60 by 15 metres in size. The interior is closed to the public, but just picture magnificent rafters and a “golden room” dating from the 17th century, with paintings, a classic ceiling and wood flooring. It is owned by the Landes Departmental Council.

Anecdote: The congregation of Benedictine nuns from the nearby Sainte-Eustase Abbey once lived in this château. During the Second World War, they hid the archives and the crown jewels of Belgium there, right under the noses of the German occupying forces.

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