Voie Verte de Chalosse

Chalosse’s Voie Verte greenway is an old railway track which has been converted into a pedestrian walkway. Covered with gravel, it is used for running, mountain biking, hybrid biking and horse riding. It begins at the gateway to Dax and stretches all the way to Saint-Sever. Over the 34 kilometres of the path, you will find a shady greenway crossing through Chalosse, from Augreilh (the western district of Saint-Sever) to Hinx, by way of Mugron and Montfort-en-Chalosse. The greenway is quite a safe way to explore the area. Only the sections just outside Saint-Sever and Dax are on an actual road. The path is waymarked at each stopping point and crossroads.
Along your route, you can take advantage of the picnic areas in Montfort-en-Chalosse and Garrey and a fitness course in Montfort-en-Chalosse.

  • Environment: Countryside
  • Topics: Natural
  • Type: Mountain bike


  • Markings: Blue
  • Departure location: DAX
  • Common finish: SAINT-SEVER
  • Distance: 54 km
  • Time Roaming: 4h30
  • Route type: Green Trail
  • Route type:by bike
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Duration:4h30
Step 1 -
Step 2 -
Step 3 -
Bastide Montfort - vue aérienne
Bastide Montfort - vue aérienne
Step 4 -
Mugron 02-Adour
Mugron 02-Adour
Step 5 -


  • Accepted animals



  • Railway station GARE DE DAX (Distance: 20.9 km)
  • Bus station GARE DE DAX (Distance: 20.9 km)
  • Public transport HINX - Entre Dax et Hinx - HINX arrêt de Bus Espace Culture - réseau de bus Région Nouvelle Aquitaine (Distance: 10.6 km)

Location:in the country, accessible on foot from the tourist office