Sentier de l'Adour : de Laurède à Mugron

This route is ideal for exploring the Chênaies de l’Adour oak forest. The Chênaies de l’Adour is the last deciduous production forest in the Landes region. This large forest tract occupies the river’s lower alluvial plain as well as the valley floors of these tributaries of the Luy and the Louts. Spreading out over some 40 municipalities, these forests cover 2,500 hectares and are managed by the National Forest Office (ONF). These lush green settings, through whose hollows the Adour and its tributaries gurgle, are the last vestiges to not have been deforested for agriculture, as a result of their wet nature and their vulnerability to flooding.

  • Topics: Natural
  • Type: Walking, Mountain bike


  • Markings: Blue
  • Departure location: LAUREDE
  • Common finish: MUGRON
  • Distance: 7 km
  • Time Roaming: 30 min, 1h20
  • Route type: Return
  • Route type:by mountain bike
  • Difficulty:Average
  • Duration:30 min
  • Route type:on foot
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Duration:1h20


  • Accepted animals



  • Railway station Gare de dax (Distance: 21.5 km)

Location:in the country, riverbanks, isolated