Sentier de l'Adour : de Gousse à Vicq-d'Auribat

Depart from Gousse Lake, behind the church. Go past the wash house and onto the alluvial plains known as barthes, spanning close to 12,000 hectares. The unique feature of the barthes is that they flood frequently with runoff from the hillsides, rising alluvial sheets and overflow from waterways. Beginning in the 18th century, humans began to drain these environments so they could be farmed. Embankments were built up to reduce overflow and protect the land from flooding. These vast wetlands are home to various natural habitats. To preserve this rich biodiversity, it is important to maintain agriculture for the meadows and crops, and silviculture for wooded areas. Tree-dwelling bats and wood-eating insects only affect forested areas.

  • Topics: Natural
  • Type: Walking, Mountain bike


  • Markings: Blue
  • Departure location: GOUSSE
  • Common finish: VICQ-D'AURIBAT
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Time Roaming: 35 min, 1h30
  • Route type: Return
  • Route type:by mountain bike
  • Difficulty:Average
  • Duration:35 min
  • Route type:on foot
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Duration:1h30


  • Accepted animals



  • Railway station Gare de dax (Distance: 21.5 km)

Location:in the country, riverbanks, isolated