Trou de Madame

Located a kilometre away from the present-day spa, the only remnants here are right around the spring itself. But in 1922, the Trou de Madame was a real treatment spa with its own hotel! The buildings were made of stone with tile roofs, and the two-storey hotel offered 10 guest rooms upstairs. Around the baths, there were a changing room, a bathtub, showers and an equipment room housing the water pump and boiler which raised the water’s temperature from 30 to 37°C. The spring was long utilized by individuals, up until 1963. Since 1998, it has been the property of the present-day spa. At a temperature of roughly 30°C, it is a cool mineral water spring. People continue to come here to treat skin diseases (like eczema, psoriasis, etc.) or simply for the pleasure of appreciating these relics of the past. As you continue along your way, you will find the original spring, “the eye”.

  • Type: Historic site and monument
  • Groups accepted



  • Ruins and remains


  • Unlisted


  • Accepted animals


  • Bus parking



  • Road (national / local) (Distance: 0 km)

Location:in the country, in forestland


  • Guided tour

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  • French


  • Duration visit: 30 min (average)


  • Duration visit: 90 min (average)