Fontaine Saint Jean

In Rion des Landes, the Fontaine Saint-Jean or "la houn de Sen Yan" and its mineral and ferruginous water has been known for a long time, so much so that in 1839, the creation of a thermal establishment was even mentioned. Nestled in the hollow of the meanders of the Maubay stream, it had, according to the ancients, a water whose quality cured skin diseases, warts and tumors.

Until the end of the 19th century, a procession went every 24th June to the fountain decorated with flowers for the occasion. The parish priest would then bless a large fire in front of the village church. Nowadays, coins visible at the bottom of the fountain's basin still prove that this site is still frequented and, if not miraculous, offers a pleasant coolness.

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  • Fountain


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