Fontaine de Bidas

This fountain with medicinal properties is along the Route de Mimbaste. Extremely old, the Bidas spring comes from Triassic period land, i.e. dating from the earliest geological period of the Mesozoic era. The water is salty, warm (20°C/68°F) and contains iron. It was subject to intensive production. In the 17th century, the Count of Luppé filled a bottle from the spring and gave it to the Sun King (King Louis XIV) who was captivated by this water’s medicinal virtues. In 1906 an attempt to make use of the spring, authorised by the French Academy of Medicine, was implemented. The water was even bottled in order to sell it. Nevertheless, the business was a failure. It’s now a scenic walk for the numerous hikers who follow the sunken path leading there.

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  • Fountain


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