Eglise Sainte-Quitterie

The church of Toulouzette is dedicated to Saint Quitterie, patron saint of Gascony. Her cult is very widespread in the Landes. The saint is said to have died beheaded around 478 in Aire-sur-Adour, where she is buried. The legend says that when her head touched the ground, a fountain sprang up. This church dates from the 16th century. If the date of construction of the primitive church is unknown, we know that it was destroyed by the Protestants in 1569 and then rebuilt. With its flat apse, its single nave made of pebbles, its porch made of sandstone and pebbles and its framed portal, the architecture of the church of Sainte-Quitterie is characterized by its sobriety. The imperial bell tower topped by a bell tower would be later since this particular form of roofing developed in the 18th century. The baptismal chapel opens with a beautiful semi-circular arcade and flat bricks.

  • Topics: Religious art
  • Secondary Type: Historic site and monument
  • Type: Historic site and monument



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