Eglise Saint-Martin

Of the church built in the 12th century, only the apse and some elements of the decoration remain today, such as the cul-de-four, the choir's cradle and two capitals behind the altarpiece. The nave was completed with a tower in the 14th century. In the following century, the church was enlarged again. In the 17th century, a porch was added to the north of the tower. Notables were buried there. Twelve elements of the church's furniture are protected as Historic Monuments. In the nave, a wooden chandelier stands out, this rare and luxurious light fixture dates from the 18th century. Notice also the woodwork surrounding the whole building. Made of three different marbles, the imposing high altar, from the 18th century, is a beautiful example of the rocaille style. It was made by the Mazzetti brothers, Italian sculptors of great renown at the time.

  • Secondary Type: Historic site and monument
  • Type: Rural heritage



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Location:in the village


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