With endless festivities each year, the Landes boasts a unique know-how. From the greatest ferias such as Mont-de-Marsan (held on the third weekend of July) and Dax (held around 15 August), to the small village festivities, come and share these moments of joy and conviviality. And don't forget to bring a red or blue scarf!

In the Landes, living together is not just an expression. It is illustrated every single day in every village and town in the department, particularly from spring to autumn during the busy holiday and ferias season. Envision substantial lunches and dinners, live music with local bands, games, carousels and entertainment for all ages. There are also competitions, parades, local wine, free shows, fireworks displays, balls and, of course, the Course Landaise, known as the “national” sport in the Landes.