At the heart of the Landes forest in Marquèze, a single train journey can take you back 150 years to discover a lost civilisation.

Take a century-old railway engine to Sabres station and arrive in Marquèze just ten minutes later. In the middle of the forest, a whole civilisation reappears on a clearing of 25 hectares made up of traditional half-timbered houses, farms, field and domestic animals, a mill, a bread oven, a sheep farm, antique furniture and tools. You are immersed in the 19th century with its lifestyles, know-how and rural environment.

Open from June to November, the Ecomuseum of Marquèze offers many activities, exhibitions, shows, concerts, trail games and workshops to get involved and rediscover the techniques and know-how required in the countryside.

It is a must-see during your holidays in the Landes.