Take advantage of a week of fasting surrounded by the ocean and forests. Take a break from life, cleanse your body and mind, and get off to a good start. Give the Landes fasting experience a go.

Recommended as a treatment by many pathologists, fasting serves above all to calm the minds of people who have been abused by the modern world. It allows people to take a break, reflect on their lives and begin to make profound changes.

This universal and millenary practice has seen a sharp increase in interest in recent years.

The Landes offers the key to a successful fast: breath-taking nature, in which you can immerse yourself in hiking in the forest, meditation and yoga sessions on the beach facing the ocean, moments of relaxation and serenity surrounded by nature.

Whether you are at the heart of the forest with Clairière & Canopée or near the ocean with Jeûne in Landes, it is worth experiencing this incomparable environment and qualified supervision to live the fasting adventure to the fullest.