Imagine the beach all to yourself and your friends, the ocean with its glassy reflections, the waves that break the silence and the pleasant sensation of feeling the early sunlight rays on your skin.
Be sure not to forget about your early morning surfing session

It is only ever the first step that is difficult. Leaving your bed while everyone is still asleep. But now you have done the hardest part! From here, there is a succession of pleasant moments: a steaming cup of coffee to wake up, changing into your wetsuit, carrying your surfboard and towel under your arm and rushing into the invigorating freshness of the early morning at the beach. Your friends are already there, except for one. It is always the same one who didn’t quite make it out of bed. He doesn’t know what he is missing!

In the early hours of the day, the ocean only shows its “glassy” surface and its shimmering reflections to a lucky few. Before you dive into this mysterious body of water, while bathing in the soft glow of the moon at dawn, take a moment to meditate on the cool sand, cradled by the whisper of the waves that crash on the shore.

Everyone, head to the water! The ocean belongs to you. Back on land, the sun begins to shine and its first rays pleasantly warm your skin. The beach is yours. There is nobody except you. A new day in the Landes can begin.