At “La Maison de la Dame” in Brassempouy, you can paint on cave walls using your hands, learn how to start a fire, carve flint and ivory, and even hunt mammoths with a spear.

The Lady with the Hood, a figurine delicately carved in ivory around 25,000 years ago, was first excavated in Brassempouy over a century ago. It is said to be the oldest, most realistic and most expressive representation of a human face ever found, which earned it the nickname of the Mona Lisa of Prehistory.

Dame de Brassempouy

In the village centre of Brassempouy, dive headfirst into the Upper Palaeolithic era at the museum and Archeopark.

To immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the place, first visit the Maison de la Dame, a museum area where wonderful discoveries including figurines, ornaments and tools made in Brassempouy are on display. Then take a self-guided tour and head for the Archeopark to discover the everyday life of our ancestors through reconstructions of habitats and life-size prehistoric animals, workshops and archaeological endeavours such as flint carving, fire lighting, spear hunting, rock painting and sculpting.