Switch off from the real world and embrace time away from your phone, your TV and the Internet, whether for a few hours or several days, for a refreshing experience in the heart of Chalosse, a Benedictine monastery community.

The small, remote village of Maylis is the perfect place to unwind. Nestled in the hills of Chalosse overlooking the Pyrenees and surrounded by verdant fields and dense forests, you will feel sheltered, free from the daily stresses of life and at one with others and with yourself.

These feelings are heightened tenfold upon entering the Benedictine abbey in the village. The tight-knit community of monks is known for growing and selling the famous Maylis plant, which has digestive and depurative properties. Spiritual retreats are also available. Forget about your phone, the Internet, your TV and everyday concerns for a few days and enjoy a slower pace of life. Experience services at the monastery, readings, moments of solitude, light daily tasks, walks in Chalosse and relaxation.

This is a typical day. Everything can be done as a couple, alone or in a group. The abbey also welcomes university or secondary school students studying for exams, mothers on the brink of a burn-out wanting a “spiritual break” and families wishing to spend more time together. The duration of stays can range from a few hours to several days.

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