An undeniable thrill, the Agur is a highlight of the ferias and holiday season. Be sure not to miss the Agur ceremony on the last day of the Dax holiday celebrations.

If you only do one day of the annual Landes festivities, it has to be the final day of the Dax Feria, in mid-August.

At the end of the last bullfight, when the sun begins to set on the arenas and riverbanks of the Adour, time stands still for a moment of intense communion.

Find a spot in the surrounding arenas or park to witness this unique ritual: first, bands take turns entering the arena, forming a single orchestra of nearly 300 musicians. They then sing three of the most poignant songs of their repertoire: “Agur Jaunak”, a haunting Basque tune played at weddings and funerals, and the two famous compositions “Vino Griego” and “Paquito Chocolatero”.

Agur Férias de Dax - Landes Agur Dax - Férias de Dax - Arènes

It is impossible to leave the Agur ceremony untouched. Fortunately, the closing fireworks display, launched from the riverbanks of the Adour, allows you to regain your composure and start the evening – the final one of the Feria – before arranging a date to revisit the following year.