Find pleasure in 5 days of canoeing on the calm waters of the River Leyre, stretching from the heart of the Landes forest to Arcachon Bay. It is truly a magical experience for everyone.

Are you looking for a unique but affordable adventure filled with both excitement and serenity?

Head for Commensacq, hidden away in the Landes forest. Your unforgettable adventure descending the River Leyre begins at the water sports centre La Base Nautique de Mexico.

Enjoy 5 days of canoeing, either individually or as a group, on the inviting waters of this hidden river, which winds its way through the forest for 90 kilometres beneath the shelter of the forest’s dense vegetation.

On the way, we will stop off to swim in the water, take a nap on the sand and visit a small village in the Haute-Lande. In the evening, we will camp near the river, surrounded by the wilderness that lines its sandy banks, before resuming our journey to the mouth of the Leyre River in Arcachon Bay.

Organise your canoeing and camping trip on the River Leyre.

Enjoy 5 days of canoeing !