In the Landes, the sunset over the ocean is a magical sight to behold that doesn’t cost a single cent to watch. Even though the sun sets at the same time every evening, every day is different.

Spectators gather slowly, in groups, as if attracted by a mysterious force. Some stop on the way to buy ice cream. Others wait, while sipping a drink on the terrace. The most hurried people are already there in the front row, sitting on either the seafront parapet or the cool sand. Some children carry on playing on the beach and their laughter intertwines with the sound of the waves, the cries of seagulls and the melodic notes that emanate from nearby cafés and restaurants.

The sun sets, but then seems to hesitate for a moment and stops. The sky burns brightly in front of the lovers, arm in arm, their heads touching. A moment later, it’s already over. Some applaud and the crowd disperses. The street lights turn on and darkness gradually covers the beach and the ocean once again. The curtains are drawn and the night can begin, even more beautiful than the day.

Sunset Over the Ocean