For all generations and backgrounds, water is the nation’s favourite drink. Each person drinks 500 - 600 ml per day on average...Make the most of the your holiday in the Landes by discovering the Landes waters... and let us know what you think.

Spring water or mineral water?

Do you know the difference?

Water said to be "spring water" comes from unpolluted (which goes without saying!) groundwater and is naturally ready to be drunk. This water qualifies as "mineral" water if we recognise that it has benefits for our health.


Landes water


Mineral water


Soria water

Lucky as you are, the Landes produces two excellent spring and mineral waters.
The first, which is low in mineral content, is PAMPARA spring water. It is pumped in DAX and is good for all nutritional diets.

The second one, BIOVIVE natural mineral water which also comes from DAX, is light and has no flavour. As a result of the absence of nitrates and low mineral content, it is suitable for preparing babies' bottles.

As these Landes waters are not sold in all shops in France,  when you leave the Landes be sure to take more than just a few grains of sand in the car… take a few souvenirs too: bottles of Landes water!

(CDT des Landes - Updated 22/03/2017)