No need to go to Paris, Milan, London or New York to keep up with fashion! Some of the biggest surf wear brands were created and developed at Hossegor for everyone!

Whilst walking in the small, but pretty town centre of Hossegor, they can be seen in every shop window: Roxy here, Oxbow there Surf wear everywhere!

Hossegor, the European surf capital, is home to the head offices of two of the world’s seven major surfing brands Rip Curl (since 1982) and Billabong.

Less obvious, but very useful all the same, are the “Outlet stores” in the “Pedebert” trading zone. More than 20 brand shops await, selling their products at reasonable prices.
You’res ure to find what you’re looking for amidst the thousands of boxes of branded clothing. And don’t forget the famous Easter Sale, which is very popular indeed.



Shopping in Hossegor


Let’s get the inside story!

Did you know that the brand Pull-In was created in Hossegor 10 years ago? Now, it has shops all over the world, including one in Russia, one in Japan and three in the United States. It’s no surprise that celebrities such as Madonna, the Beckhams and Zidane wear Pull-In… Why not you too?

And if you’re looking for a local brand which is bang on trend, go and kit yourself out at Adishatz!*
The founder wanted to keep a local feel, creating t-shirts with key themes of the South-West such as Fêtes, local traditions and sports, with writing in the Gascon language.
Have you heard of the international rugby player Raphaël Ibanez? It just happens to be his favourite brand!

* Adishatz! (= goodbye in Gascon)