France’s top professional surfers, who feature in the WCT (World Championship Tour) world rankings, live in the Landes.

Inescapably, when you think of surf in France, famous spots from the Landes coast spring to mind, spots which people from all over the world dream about: La Gravière, Les Bourdaines, La Santosha, La Piste, Casanova… But these days people also think immediately of the region’s surfing celebrities, stars such as Jérémy Florès and Micky Picon.
These French surfers show that the WCT isn’t just for Brazilians, Americans and Australians.

Born on Reunion Island, Jeremy Florès, Kelly Slater’s French “bête noire”, has been based in the Landes for years, and Micky Picon has also been here since the age of 12.


Alizé Arnaud - Hossegor


Jérémy Flores and Kelly Slater


Alizé Arnaud surf


And as for the girls, the list doesn’t end with Alizée Arnaud, who is the European Champion and determined to become World Champion. Alongside her there is the former World Champion Stéphanie Barneix, who showed her mettle on a paddleboard in 2009 by crossing 5000 km of the Atlantic from the Ile de Capbreton in Canada to Capbreton in the Landes using only the strength of her arms, aided by her two team-mates. Not bad, eh?

Surfing in the waves of the Landes also means you get to meet some of the greats and when you ask them what their favourite spot is they always reply: La Piste at Capbreton, but shhhh!! That stays between you and me!

(CDT des Landes - 12/04/2012)