Rookie walker or intrepid explorer, alone or in a party of big or little feet, the Landes has something for everyone…and that includes you.

3500 km of landscaped paths criss cross the Landes. You can easily have some great adventures on foot!

Everyone can go at their own pace and, leaving the traditional tourist traps behind, explore isolated places, see the hidden faces of the countryside. It goes without saying- discovering the Landes on foot is always exciting! There you can hear the whisper of the wind through the tops of the pine trees, enjoy the joyful birdsong and marvel at the many-coloured flowers.

All of these landscaped, perfectly maintained routes are perfect for exploring the region’s nature reserves, Romanesque churches, secret vineyards (and yes, Armagnac is made in the Landes), our country manors and traditional, half-timbered houses.


Walkers - Santiago trails - Landes


Walkers - Santiago trails - Landes


Walkers - Santiago trails - Landes

Did you know that four of the Santiago trails (preserved from the Middle Ages by pilgrims making their way to Santiago de Compostela) pass through the Landes? Once you’ve made it to Mimizan, you’ll only have 1,000 km to go (and there’s a plaque to mark the way)!

You can walk in the Landes all year round, the climate is mild. Don’t forget to bring something to protect against the light rain. Conversely, beware of forest fires- be vigilant.

Remember to act as if you are well-behaved visitors in this natural environment which has welcomed you in, here you are nature’s guest …. And above all…don’t forget to say “bonjour” to anyone you might meet.


(CDT des Landes - Updated 22/03/2017)