For a few weeks now, our environment has been changing- the natural world is waking up, plant life is being reborn and the first flowers are appearing. There’s no doubt- spring is officially here. So what are the trends for the new season in terms of gardening? Discover the exclusive spring-summer collections 2017 in the parks and gardens of the Landes.

If the word ‘collection’ makes you think “fashion week”, well in the Landes, we go one better- three weeks dedicated to exploring nature in all its forms at the Printemps des Landes. It is the perfect opportunity for some private gardens, which have been a well-kept secret until now, to throw off their anonymity and reveal themselves to the public under the watchful eye of their creators, who are all as passionate as each other. Real nature lovers, these people have carefully nursed their little paradises all winter so that they are bedecked with the most beautiful colours from spring onwards. And the results are plain to see- majestic peonies, hostas with tender green leaves, and even stunning irises lining up under the astonished eyes of the day’s visitors.


Beautiful garden - Landes


Flowers - garden - Landes


Garden - nature - Landes



Flower - gardens -Landes

Another unmissable highlight of the season is the Rendez-Vous aux Jardins, which take place on the first weekend of June, with this year’s theme being “the garden and its images”. Yet another opportunity for the parks and gardens of the Landes to open their doors and reveal the richness of their collections over the course of a weekend.

Did you miss these events? No worries! The collections are renewed throughout the season and you can go and explore them at any time – just call ahead to book.
One last piece of advice: take advantage of the fêtes des plantes, which are organised in the area throughout the year, to keep up to date with the latest gardening trends.

Now, the spring-summer collection 2017 of the parks and gardens of the Landes no longer holds any secrets for get out and give it a go!!!

(CDT des Landes - Updated 22/03/2017)