As well as our famous thermal treatments, the Landes has plenty of options for pampering and relaxation, from everyday treats to special spa getaways

The gentle properties of the hot mineral waters and fine muds used in the thermal baths of Dax and Eugénie les Bains are put to good use in original treatments designed for maximum well-being. Combined with water fitness programmes such as Aygueblue or Sourcéo, original Landes creations, these beauty treatments for face and body are so many reasons to plan a relaxing getaway in the Landes.


Did you know ?

The unique properties of Gamarde water for skincare have been widely renowned since 1841. A full range of 100% natural organic cosmetic products are available for you to use to help preserve your skin's natural beauty.


Les prés d'Eugénie - Guérard


Petipo de patapo - Casa nature


Tai chi - ocean


Have you heard of "Petipo de Patapo"?

The star product of artisan soap factory Casa Nature. It is an exfoliating scrub made from the central part of an ear of corn, guaranteed GM-free.

Looking for a souvenir of yout time in the Landes: something that's practical and easy to transport?
What about Petit Landais? This soap is made with essential oils of pine from Landes and is packaged in a tin can. Don't forget to pick one up!

The natural richness and traditional expertise of the Landes are there to help you take care of yourself.

(CDT des Landes - Updated 22/03/2017)