Whether you like kayaking, canoeing, sea-kayaking or water-skiing, whether you go by river, sea or lake, whatever type of paddle you use, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Landes!


Sea kayaking - The Landes

On a lake or a river, or by the sea, once you have the paddle in hand, your perception of places you thought you knew can be completely overturned. Landmarks seem to move or get mixed up. The call of the water is irresistible once you have the kayaking bug.

Do you know the Leyre river? This river has its source in the Landes and snakes along 90 km before getting lost in the waters of the Arcahon Basin. Hire a canoe and go and explore. Its untamed character, its natural air, its clear waters, its silence pierced occasionally by the cries and songs of birds will charm even the most intrepid of explorers!
The most daring try out surf-kayaking. Surf-kayaking is a combination of surfing and kayaking. Imagine being propelled by a wave. To begin with, the speed will have your heart in your mouth- you’ll feel as if you’re headed straight for the sand. But once the panic subsides, the gliding feeling is absolutely intoxicating. And once you’ve left the wave, you will only need a few strokes of the paddle to catch another, as less nimble surfers and body boarders look on in envy.

(CDT des Landes - Updated 22/03/2017)