A Gousse-Cassen, Circuit de l'Adour d'Auribat

In Chalosse, set of to explore a very pleasant loop through a variety of scenery, on unpaved roads across the Adour plain. As you leave Gousse, you will find a lake with great fishing. Then continue on to the fitness course in Saint-Jean-de-Lier. This route is a chance to discover the banks of the Adour and the salmon caves (below limestone cliffs).

  • Environment: Waterside, Countryside, Forest
  • Topics: Natural
  • Type: Mountain bike


  • Markings: Blue
  • Departure location: GOUSSE
  • Common finish: GOUSSE
  • Distance: 15,4 km
  • Time Roaming: 1h30
  • Route type: Loop
  • Route type:by mountain bike
  • Difficulty:Average
  • Duration:1h30
  • Picnic area
Step 1 -
Sentier de l'Adour - Eglise de Gousse
Sentier de l'Adour - Eglise de Gousse
Step 2 -
Sentier de l'Adour - Lac de Gousse
Sentier de l'Adour - Lac de Gousse


  • Accepted animals


Location:in the country, accessible on foot from the tourist office, riverbanks, in the village, in town