When ancestral knowledge and rich terroir combine, the results are magical.

Local produce in every season!

In spring the sandy soils begin to reveal the white stems of the asperge des sables (Landes asparagus).  Taste it, and let us know what you think!

In Autumn, the Adour kiwis begin to ripen. These green lianas cultivated on the banks of the River Adour produce small brownish fruits with well-known benefits. Did you know that both a male and female plant is needed to produce kiwis?

All year round, producers rear farm birds and ducks in the open countryside in the traditional manner. And how can you tell? The taste, the taste, always the taste!

Chalosse beef, which comes from superior breeds of cattle which are 100% naturally-fed, will remind you that you are in an area of great gastronomic tradition. 

Here, in Paris and in the best restaurants all over the world, even the most experienced of taste buds stand to attention at the prospect of this festival of flavours – and of course, no feast can be complete without a good bottle of wine!

Traditional grapes, a unique terroir and age-old savoir-faire have combined to create a truly exceptional product: Armagnac. This ancestral eau de vie has a very distinctive smell, as do « Lou Floc » or Floc de Gascogne, the local aperitif.
Local wines from the Landes come from vines rooted in a natural, protected terroir.

Grouped together by a promotional association known as " Qualité Landes", these Landes specialities come from 7 distinct sectors and stand out from the rest with their labels, brand names and guarantees of quality: AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) and "label rouge".

With the Landes seal of quality, food-lovers can’t go wrong!

Marilys Cazaubieilh (CDT des Landes - Updated 22/03/2017)