"Back to Closingtown" - Tale Festival

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Christèle Pimenta with Arthur Maréchal (guitar)
For all ages starting from 11 - 1h.

After having travelling for numerous months, Johnny Mac Mahan and a few settlers have found a gold deposit. This is how the town of Closingtown was created. When the river was empty of any gold, Johnny disappeared stealing all the gold. The city died on that day and the wind has never left the area since then. It is only until Lizzie, the fastest girl in the West, is back into town, that Closingtown can take back its honor and justice. A gripping tale that has everything that makes a true western movie: desert, saloon, sheriff, sun, and the notable humor of the West of course !

  • Type: Cultural



  • Entertainment
  • Festival


The 25/08/2021

  • Mercredi: from 21h00